The Resilient Lawyer – Reconnect and Recharge This Holiday Season

I have always found that the Holiday Season comes and goes in the blink of an eye.  In that blink, I normally get caught up in the stresses of buying the perfect gifts for my wife, my children, my family, and my friends.  It seems that I am running to this mall, or that store, or shopping online, in a frenzied rush.  By the time New Year’s Day rolls around, I am simply exhausted, both mentally and physically, and I often feel like I’ve gotten all wrapped up in the commercialization of Christmas.

This year I have decided to change how I am approaching Christmas.  I am going to be honest here – I am not much of a practicing Catholic anymore – but Jesus’ message to love one another is one that always sticks with me.  The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the power that loving one another can have – it’s amazing to see how people have come together all over the world to fight this virus and to take care of those who are suffering from its impact.  It’s truly incredible what we can do as humans when we combine our energy and talents in the spirit of love and connectivity.

So, I choose to celebrate Christmas this year by reminding myself that we are all connected, and that we should simply just love one another.  No matter what religion you adhere to, if any, I encourage you to spend the holidays reconnecting in whatever way you can with family and friends.  Tell them how much you appreciate and love them.  If you feel inclined, take it even further – say hello to a stranger, give them a kind smile and tell them that you hope they have a wonderful day.  The rush you will get from these simple exchanges will renew your energy. 

Which segues nicely into my next point – RECHARGE!  I have talked about the power of recharging in a previous LinkedIn article.  For most of the year, 2020 has been hectic and intense.  I’m guessing that many people are close to burnout.  So, before you reach that point, take some time over the next couple of weeks for yourself, away from work and external demands, to focus on renewing your own energy. Whether it be vacation days, or just some alone time to read and relax, focusing on your own reserves at this time of year will help you start off 2021 on a fresh, positive note.